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Minister Whitby has the power to prevent the proposed mining expansions from going ahead and to protect the Northern Jarrah Forests in secure conservation areas for future generations. 

With Alcoa and South32's proposed expansions finally before the EPA, this is the best opportunity we've had in a generation to draw the line and protect what's left of the NJF. 

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First of all, ask the Minister to prevent Alcoa and South32's proposed expansions from going ahead. 

Some key points you might like to include: 

1. The International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has identified the Northern Jarrah Forests as being at particular risk of climate collapse. 

2. Intact forests are much more resilient to climate change and protecting them gives them the best chance of survival as the climate dries and warms

3. Clearing forests causes huge volumes of carbon to be released into the atmosphere and degrades a vital carbon store that we need now more than ever. 

4. Mining uses huge volumes of water that is desperately needed in the landscape.

5. The should be no expansions of mining into the forests. Forests must be protected for climate, water, wildlife and communites.